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About the factory

Board chairman Halyna Nestorivna Kovbas

Joint Stock Company “Galychyna” is one of the biggest companies in the region and in Ukraine. It was founded in 1939 and has a rich history and authority on the market. The company has a favourable location when we take into account central European boundaries. It is situated in the central part of the town.

Sewing workshopJoint Stock Company “Galychyna” specializes in sewing upper female and male clothes. It offers production capacity for making clothes for ladies and men. The production of the company is notable for the indicators of quality, value, actuality and design. We produce competitive production which can provide customers with joy and comfort. The main peculiarity of our clothes is practicality and safety. Working process is directed at production and realization of the sewn clothes both on the home (market) and international market. The production is sold in the stores of Ukraine.

Experimental shop

The company has such assortment:

  • female wintercoat, winterjacket;
  • female overcoat, jacket;
  • male wintercoat, winterjacket;
  • male overcoat, jacket;
  • male and female woolen jackets and raincoats;
  • female jackets and coats.

When buying a product the choice often depends on the quality. The production of the qualitative clothes is a highly technological process. It requires a high qualification of the workers, modern equipment, high accuracy in everything. Each product has a long way. We make an exquisite model out of a piece of fabric. A rigid control of quality is carried out at each stage of production.


The company was rewarded more than once:

  • the diploma of the Ukrainian National exhibit center;
  • the diploma of Ivano-Frankivsk commercial, industrial board;
  • the diploma of the National complex “The Exporter of Ukraine”.

In 2008 the company was nominated to gain the Golden Certificate of Quality at the 111th international assembly of quality.