The company is eager to develop its activity sphere, to create new kinds of production, to organize the companies of common activity, to open up new technology. The company guarantees irreproachable quality and follows the agreements with the customers. The possibilities of the Joint Stock Company “Galychyna” allow to offer a full course of production of clothes: from the idea to the technological model and to the sewing of products.

The statute capital (stock) of the company is 7058,0 thousand grn. The stockholders of the company are both juridical (legal) (92%) and physical persons (8%).

The area of the company is 4 acres. The total area of the company is 11,6 thousand square metres, the total production area is 10,1 thousand square metres. The production of the clothes is 150-170 thousand garments a year; 9 million grn. is the monetary equivalent of the production.

The number of the personnel is 314 people, that is industrial personnel – 313 persons. There are 43 engineers and technical workers among them.